Thank you for attending SPUN

Producers, speakers and organisers of the event stand on stage

SPUN: True Stories Told in the Territory returned to the Library last week with seven extraordinary Territorians weaving tales of Rebellion.
The theme falls on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Darwin Rebellion, a pivotal event that put Darwin in the history books as a place with a population unafraid to rebel, willing to go against the grain and stand up for what they believed in. But what of the unseen rebels, the rebels who quietly challenge the status quo, who question authority or create small acts of resistance?  

The SPUN Rebellion storytellers who revealed their rebellious acts included: 

  • Queer visual artist /writer / theatre mater / retiring artistic director of Darwin Fringe Festival and our 2018 Creative in Residence: Cj Fraser-Bell
  • Founding member of The Greens in the Northern Territory and human rights advocate Ilana Eldridge
  • Local librarian Morgan George 
  • Indigenous transgender brotherboy Jeremy Anderson who rebels his body everyday
  • Comedian and cook Ange Wu 
  • Veteran broadcaster and 2016 Northern Territory Human Rights Award winner Charlie King together with his daughter Emma King

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt stories, for inspiring us and sharing a bit of yourselves.

Photos courtesy of SPUN, photography by Helen Orr.