Legal Deposit

In order to keep our collections up-to-date and growing, it is legally required that all Northern Territory publications and recordings are donated to the Northern Territory Library.

Legal Deposit requires that all publications and recordings produced in the Northern Territory are donated to the Northern Territory Library within two months.

The collection of items under Legal Deposit ensures that future researchers will have access to a comprehensive record of the Northern Territory's social and cultural history. 

Legal Deposit is mandated through the Northern Territory Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004

What’s covered by Legal Deposit?

Legal Deposit covers materials published in the Northern Territory including:

  • books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, reports, newsletters, calendars, directories, handbooks, guides, sheet music, maps and pamphlets
  • information recorded or stored by means of a recording device, computer or electronic device, or any other device e.g. audio-cassettes, video cassettes, films, multimedia kits, computer magnetic tape, computer optical disks, floppy discs, compact discs, CDROMs, DVDs, websites and PDF files

An exemption exists for materials that are culturally sensitive. These materials may still be deposited with us for preservation and safekeeping, at the discretion of the donor. In such cases, the Northern Territory Library will make sure any desired restrictions on access are observed.

How to deposit publications

Publications and recordings can be posted to:
PO Box 42
Darwin NT 0801

For further information on Legal Deposit, contact us via email.