Middle Years (years 7-9)

Create a new spin on old stories by creating an alternate headline and re-writing old news from a new perspective.  

Telegram dated 1978 and addressed to Gough Whitlam.

Program snapshot

Newspapers record key moments of the Territory’s history, influence readers and perpetuate a larrikin stereotype of the Territorian character. Create a new spin on old stories by creating an alternate headline and re-writing old news from a new perspective.  

Session name: News Spin - a critical analysis of NT newspapers

Available days: Tuesday or Thursday morning.

Time: Session commences at 10am The session will run for approximately 60 - 90 minutes.

Curriculum: The program addresses learning outcomes in the Australian Curriculum

Location: Northern Territory Library, inside Parliament House, 4 Bennett Street, Darwin City

Booking and enquiries: All enquiries and bookings to be made through our online booking portal 

Learning experiences

Students will: 


  • Investigate the purpose and features of newspapers 
  • Explore how Northern Territory newspapers have recorded key moments in history 
  • Recognise the point of view that newspaper articles are written from and how that point of view can vary according to the audience and purpose
  • Create original newspaper cover pages from different points of view 

Curriculum Links

English – Literature 

  • Literature and context 
  • Responding to literature 

English - Literacy 

  • Texts in context 
  • Interpreting, analysing and evaluating 
  • Creating texts 


  • Analysis, synthesis and interpretation 

General capabilities 

  • Critical and creative thinking 

Cross-curriculum priorities 

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures 
Front of large white building with geometric patterns. Palm trees in foreground

Before your visit

Students will gain more from the visit if they have already explored some aspects of critically analysing the language used to persuade newspaper readers, and how different points of view can vary according to the audience and purpose. 

After your visit

  • The facilitated session is 60 minutes long and predominately incorporates the Newspapers section of A Territory Story exhibition. After the facilitated session, you may wish the students to explore other sections of the exhibition, under your own guidance.
  • Search the Northern Territory Library website to find resources that complement classroom topics.
  • Northern Territory Library will email you a link to view and download evidence of learning from the session.
  • If you share any photos from your trip to the Library on social media please use #educationNTL.

Session Supervision

The session is facilitated by a Visitor Experience Librarian. To ensure the best experience for all, duty of care, including supervision of student behaviour, is the responsibility of the class teacher. It is expected that students will behave in a respectful manner and be aware that other people may be visiting the exhibition at the same time.  We look forward to welcoming students, teachers and accompanying adults.