Policies and Reports

To meet our objectives, the Northern Territory Library is committed to best practice and accountability. Policies and reports underpin our achievements and strong community connections.

Strategic Plans

Northern Territory Library Strategic Plan Our Strategic Plan is built from a conversation with the Northern Territory community. Two very strong themes emerged from these discussions as to the roles that the community needs the Library to perform. Firstly, to ensure that the documentary heritage of the Northern Territory is collected, preserved and kept safe. Secondly, to strengthen the leadership role that the Library has in supporting all library services in the Territory, especially the 32 public libraries.

Department of Tourism and Culture Strategic Plan

The Northern Territory Library is part of the Department Tourism and Culture. With a diverse range of agencies the common thread binding this new agency together is not the diverse activities that these functional areas undertake and support, but rather a shared and united purpose.

Northern Territory Public Library Sector

Connected Communities: Vision for Northern Territory Public Libraries 2017 – 2023  Libraries serve the diverse needs of their communities. To ensure they’re doing this effectively, in 2016 the Northern Territory Government undertook a community consultation process to find out what Territorians want from their public libraries.
The Connected Communities: Vision for Northern Territory Public Libraries 2017-2023 final report shares the vision for public libraries. This report has been informed by the community Public Consultation Report.
Public Library Vision and Funding Agreement Review: Public Consultation Report The outcomes of this consultation activity were used to inform the new vision for Northern Territory Public Libraries.
Flying log book and war medals belonging to Sam Calder

Collection Policies and Highlights

Content Strategy The Content Strategy defines the principles which inform the Library’s decisions about what we will collect, and what content we choose to license and provide access to; what we will digitise; what
content we will create; how we will make our content accessible; and how we will support other organisations and communities to develop their own collections.
Collection Development Policy The Collection Development Policy was developed following community consultation that took place in 2014. It responds to the message for the Library to collect as comprehensively as possible a range of resources that documented the Territory’s history, environment and the lives of those who called it home.
Celebrating 30 Years of the Northern Territory Library  To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Northern Territory Library this publication was produced that features thirty of our most treasured collection items. 

Northern Territory Library Terms and Conditions


Copyright and Northern Territory Library Content How to copy and re-use content from the Northern Territory Library Collections
Copyright - Information Guide for Library Users Copyright information developed by the National and State Libraries of Australasia (NSLA) as an information guide for library users about copyright in library collections. 
Takedown Policy In making materials available online, Northern Territory Library makes every effort to ensure that it has the appropriate rights to provide access to that content. This policy explains what to do If you find material on our websites, social media or another digital platform which you believe should not be there.
Northern Territory Library User Generated Content Guideline Northern Territory Library encourages you to join the conversation and tell your story.  This policy outlines our policies the hashtags #NTLibrary, #myNThistory and #madewithNTL and the use and re-use of social media content using these hash tags.
Northern Territory Library Digital Services Privacy Policy  This policy outlines our policies for the collection, use, storage and management of the personal information held by the Northern Territory Library in connection with the Northern Territory Library’s Digital Services
WiFi - Standard Terms and Conditions of Use To use our Public WiFi Services you will need to agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use.  
WiFi Terms and Conditions of Use - Plain English Version To use our Public WiFi Services you will need to agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use.  The plain English version is easy to understand.
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Annual Reports

The annual report of the Department of Tourism and Culture provides a record of the department’s achievements for the previous financial year. Each report provides information to many target audiences about the department’s activities and achievements, including those of the Northern Territory Library. 

Department of Tourism and Culture Annual Report 2016 – 2017 

Department of Arts and Museums Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Department of Arts and Museums Annual Report 2014 – 2015

Department of Arts and Museums Annual Report 2013 – 2014